Why choose a wooden house? Health and financial benefits.

Do we have anyone here who still has doubts whether buying a wooden house is a good choice? Today we will deal with your fears.




Wooden houses have health-promoting properties and help restore psychophysical balance. Scientific studies show that staying inside wooden houses prolongs life! The fact that trees have a beneficial effect on our body was known already in antiquity. Their healing power was very often used in folk medicine. Also today, more and more doctors recommend their patients to spend as much time as possible surrounded by trees.

Other Health Benefits: 

  • The tree is a natural source of oxygen and absorbs dust, soot and toxins from the air.
  • Essential oils given by trees have a healing effect on our bodies.
  • The tree produces negative ions that neutralise positive ions unfavourable to the body.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to houses made of, for example, pine, which is attributed to antidepressant and antibacterial properties. Pine allows you to regain internal balance and also helps fight diseases of the upper respiratory tract because it facilitates the cleansing of the bronchi.



CO2 is absorbed by trees and stored by them in the form of carbon. This compound remains permanently bound also in wood-based finished products. It is only at the very end of the product's life cycle that the compound is released again and goes into the circulation cycle.



  • Built of “warm” materials, it provides thermal comfort inside the building at low air temperature.
  • Reduces heat loss due to penetration through external partitions.
  • It eliminates thermal bridges to negligibly small values.
  • It takes care of air tightness, as well as tight and warm assembly of joinery.
  • Provides effective ventilation of the building.


Houses that are insulated with wood wool are much warmer than those with mineral wool or polystyrene. Although the thermal conductivity coefficient λ (lambda) of polystyrene and wood wool is not much different, their specific heat is. And it is the specific heat accumulated in the walls that determines the thermal comfort in the house, which we have illustrated in the attached photos. 

What else would you add to the benefits? 🌱🌳🌲

Co to jest dom pasywny? Na czym polega jego fenomen?

Budynek zaprojektowany i wykonany w taki sposób, aby minimalizować zużycie energii i zapewnić maksymalny komfort mieszkańcom to właśnie dom pasywny. Na czym polega budowa takiego domu zgłębiła firma Timber Moon. Nasze budynki charakteryzują się wysoką izolacyjnością termiczną, dzięki temu, zużycie energii w domu pasywnym jest kilkukrotnie mniejsze niż w przypadku tradycyjnych budynków.

Jaki fundament pod dom modułowy?

Fundament domu modułowego jest kluczowym elementem konstrukcyjnym, który zapewnia stabilność i bezpieczeństwo całej budowli. Fundament pod dom modułowy powinien być odpowiednio dopasowany do warunków terenowych i obciążeń, które będą na nim działać. Jaki fundament pod dom modułowy wybrać?

Larch house facade - is it a good choice?

Larch is a valued raw material with a long tradition of use due to its durability, which is compared with the durability of oak wood. Larch wood is resistant to changing weather conditions, it is waterproof, which makes it resistant to mold and rot. In contact with water, the so-called "petrification" - what does it mean? Read.

What is a plot absorption analysis and what does it include?

A plot absorption analysis is an analysis of the plot development possibilities. It is commissioned before buying a plot or when we have our own plot and we do not know what we can put on it. What else does it contain?

What to check before buying a plot?

A house with a plot is the dream of most adults - its own garden, privacy, space. To do this, the first step is to buy a plot of land. The market does not make it easy for us, new plots are put up for sale every day - construction, agricultural, recreational, etc. How to choose the right plot to build a house on?

Wooden houses are the future? Why is wooden construction experiencing its renaissance?

It has been assumed that wooden houses are less durable than brick houses - this comparison is like comparing oat milk with cow's milk. Wooden houses and brick houses can exist next to each other and "stand" for the same number of years. The differences should be sought in their impact on our planet and in their beneficial effects. Wooden houses also have many advantages that hardly anyone would think of. Curious?

What are frame houses, what does modular houses mean - concepts and differences. Are they year-round homes or holiday homes?

Today we want to bring the theories of wooden construction a bit closer. Our experience shows that there is a commonly accepted nomenclature regarding wooden houses. The terms frame houses and modular houses are confused, and often the definition of summer houses is intertwined. So how do you segment all of this and make it stand out? Which house am I looking for then?

Why choose a wooden house? Health and financial benefits.

Do we have anyone here who still has doubts whether buying a wooden house is a good choice? Today we will deal with your fears.

What documents do I need to build a house up to 70 m2 without a permit? Polish Law

In the last entry, we explained which house is included in the "house without formalities" record - which means that the house must be 70 m2. 

House up to 70 m2 - what conditions should it meet? Polish law.

Let's first go through this magic number of 70 m2 - how to understand it? 70 m2 is the built-up area of the house, which means that a house on request can have even, for example, 100 m2. Why?