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Why is the Timber house an eco-house?

Most of the materials we use to build our houses are of wood origin. Wood is an easily renewable and environmentally-friendly material. The thermal insulation package is based on wood wool, which ensures the optimal temperature in the house. Our walls keep the heat, thanks to which heating costs are microscopic.

Where can I see the Show House?

The Timber Moon Show House is located in Brzezie near Kraków at Narodowa 122.

What does the quoted “price from” include?

“Prices from” refer to the basic (lockup) state of the house. The price includes assembly and does not include foundations, thermal insulation package, installation package and transport.

How long does it take to build a house?

Depending on the chosen variant, the time to build one house in the developer's standard lasts up to 4 weeks.

Do you build eco-houses all over Poland?

Yes. We build our houses throughout Poland.

Are Timber Moon houses year-round?

Timber Moon houses are all-season buildings that can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Do you build turnkey houses?

Yes, you can order a turnkey house. We also offer intermediate options for finishing the house, e.g. ready to be furnished, etc.

What about the foundation?

The customer can lay the foundation on its own or can have it done by the Timber Moon team (foundation slab or piles).

Do you make houses according to individual designs?

We build houses only on the basis of our own designs. We have several basic models of eco-houses in which the customer can make changes, i.e. the colour of the facade, the partitioning of rooms, additional elements - windows, etc.

Can a Timber house be leased?

Yes, we help with the whole process.

Is an eco-house durable?

Yes, it is a year-round house, resistant to weather conditions. Its main building material is wood and this makes it a huge asset. Wood becomes hard with age and can serve for centuries - wooden churches as an example. The walls of our houses are as much as 30 cm thick. We build houses on solid foundation slabs.

What does it mean that the house has 35 m2 of built-up area?

The built-up area of the house is the area occupied by the building on the plot - it is the outline of the house on the plot.

Can you make a garage, gazebo, sauna, etc.?

Yes, our company makes the listed auxiliary structures. We build them in accordance with the adopted styling of the main eco-house.

Can you separate extra rooms?

Yes, we allow changes in the arrangement. We approach each customer individually and can make a mezzanine with open space, additional rooms or even a bathroom.