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By ordering a prefabricated Timber Moon house, you can order additional services necessary in the process of erecting a building on a plot. Our team consists of a number of professionals specialised in various fields. We will guide you through the entire completion process and you will be able to enjoy your dream house without unnecessary inconvenience.

In addition to the production, transport and assembly of houses ordered, we also deal with the following activities:


credit, leasing

We carry out a full credit/leasing process for customers. Ask our advisor for details. 



Order the analysis of the plot - you will find out which prefabricated Timber Moon house you can erect on it and what steps should be taken sequentially. We will carry out the permit/application process for you.


If you want to make changes to our prefabricated houses or there is a need to adapt them to your plot, our architects will help you!

Laying the


Our experts may lay the foundations on your plot. Such a service is additionally paid but also necessary before building a house.


We advise and process insurance for the duration of construction, rental and use.

Stages of ordering a house



Before a prefabricated house appears on your plot, first you need to have an analysis of the plot performed, which provides the information which part of the plot can be developed, what maximum area a house can have, how many buildings can be built on the plot, how many floors a house can have, what its optimal emplacement is, etc. We will also choose the procedure for building a house - notification or permit.



Following the analysis, we already know what models of houses can be built on the plot. We approach each customer individually and together choose the layout of the rooms, set additional amenities and colour options. Already at this stage we will do our best to ensure that the prefabricated Timber house meets your expectations.



By choosing our additional services, e.g. processing formalities, we relieve you of the obligation of unpleasant visits to offices.

Laying the


Laying the foundations is the next step in the ordering process. There are two options: you may have it done by us or by an external team. We make foundation slabs or piles.


One a date for the implementation of the order has been set, we transport the materials for building the prefabricated house to your plot. Transport prices depend on the distance of the plot from our registered seat and the size of the order.

Assembly of

the house

Our team comes to the site and assembles your prefabricated house. Depending on the selected building model, the assembly of one house in the developer's standard takes up to four weeks.

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