PREMIUM Timber Houses Manufacturer!

Timber Moon is a manufacturer of wooden houses. We design and build year-round wooden houses. We started as a manufacturer of modular houses, but the various expectations of our customers regarding orders were a key driver for creating a technology that will combine the speed of constructing houses with the possibility of individual changes. Our Timber Moon System technology is based on frame construction with modular construction practices. The Timber Moon team consists of experienced wooden houses builders in Scandinavia. Many years of knowledge helps us create durable and solid wooden buildings. Timber Moon is a manufacturer of wooden houses from start to finish. When you decide to buy a Timber house, you can additionally order services necessary in the process of erecting a building on a plot. With our team you will save your time and frustration!

See who is behind the development of your dream house!

Our team consists of a number of professionals specialised in various fields. We will guide you through the entire completion process and you will be able to enjoy the prefabricated house without unnecessary inconvenience.

Development and Investment Department

Piotr Steczek

I am involved in the development industry. I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years. In Timber Moon, I deal with planning large investment projects and looking for plots for Timber housing estates. I make sure that the company goes the right way and continues to develop. I think about the future of our company on a large scale and I have many ideas that you will soon be able to see.

Business Customer Service Department

Piotr Hochół

Individual Customer Service Department

Zbigniew Wykrota

Many years of experience in real estate sale helps me to precisely select the dream house for our customers. I make sure that my customers are satisfied and receive an answer to every question that bothers them. I approach each of you individually. I help you choose the right house model and adapt it to your needs. I always meet you at the door of the Show House with a welcome smile!

Project Department

Marcin Steczek

I started my adventure with building houses more than 15 years ago. I took my first steps in frame construction in Norway where I constructed houses in the Scandinavian system. I translate many years of experience in the production of houses into the construction of Timber houses. I am passionate about architecture, especially the wooden one. I am also involved in the development industry in Poland. I have been investing in real estate for 10 years.

Finance and Legal Department

Robert Zięcina

I have been involved in sales and finance for 16 years. During this period, working in, for example, insurance, accounting, banks or real estate, I explored various areas of the market, economy, finance, law or sales. Such extensive experience allows me to look at investments and tasks from different perspectives and see many key nuances. Together with the team, I have been successfully implementing goals for 7 years.

Marketing Department

Sylwia Wyrzykowska

Behind your image of Timber Moon are my actions. I take care of a positive image on the Internet, I am the person you have the first contact with in Social Media. I try to reach as many people interested in ecological construction as possible. I analyse your needs and adjust our advertising activities so that you can easily find out everything you need.

Purchasing Department

Tomasz Lasek

In 2010, I became involved in the construction industry. Since then, I have been constantly following changes in technologies, materials and regulations regarding this sector of the economy. I am a strong supporter of environmentally-friendly solutions. My passion is to construct comfortable and functional houses with the minimum possible impact on the environment. I once built such a house for myself, now I help to create such houses for you.

Investment Processing Department

Iwona Czech-Boroń

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design at the Krakow University of Technology. I have many years of experience in conducting the investment process and designing residential buildings. In my work, I focus primarily on the functionality of the building, natural materials and minimalist form. I make every effort to visualise and realise my customers' dreams step by step.

Design Department

Iwan Szewczenko

I am behind the introduction of new products to the offer. I help you visualise your dream house! I create visualisations that you can see on the website. Five years of experience in the construction of frame houses I turn into the quality of newly built houses. In addition to house designs, I care about the visual aspects of our products. Building ecological wooden houses is my passion. I want to spread knowledge about frame construction in Poland and take care of its good name.

Production Department

Michał Jędrzejowski

I watch over the entire production process of construction and make sure that your house arrives on time. I control the quality of the materials ordered and I take care of the careful workmanship of all elements. Organising a space full of modules and prefabricated units is a challenge that requires a lot of self-discipline. A transparent production process speeds up the completion of your house.