Wooden houses for years!

Timber 54 wooden houses are the most popular models among investors. Timber 54 houses are perfect for rent – farm tourism. Our company will make for you, for example, an outdoor sauna, gazebo, pergola or terraces so that they are aesthetically consistent with the entire investment. It is a great base for a weekend for up to 6 people. Wooden houses can also be used as a second home outside the city to rest or as a place to work remotely. This is a house that will replace a small flat in the city. A house for the price of a flat? It's Timber 54! Perfect for singles, couples, or 2+1. 

Year-round wooden house!

Our houses are year-round, durable, have excellent insulation and resistance to external conditions. The frame of the house has been designed with a large reserve of strength. It is made of the highest quality certified wood from Scandinavia. The external wall consists of 9 layers of materials and has a total width of 30 cm. For the construction of our frame houses, we use STEICO wood wool instead of polystyrene. Although the thermal conductivity coefficient λ (lambda) of polystyrene and wood wool is not much different, their specific heat is. And it is the specific heat accumulated in the walls that determines the thermal comfort in the house. The facades are made of pine wood in modern “breathable” technology and protected with OSMO impregnation.

Timber Moon wooden houses

are an investment for years!

Turnkey finish
30 cm thick external wall
8 layer material
Completion in 4 weeks
2 bedrooms
1 living room
4-6 accommodation places
Modern barn
Foundation plate/piles

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External dimensions of the building (without terraces and porches)

5,90 m x 5,90 m

Building height to ridge (from ground level)

7,19 m

Building area

35 m²

Total floor area

54 m²

Ground floor area

28 m²

Attic floor area

26 m²

Ground floor height

2,56 m

The height of the mezzanine to the ridge

3,52 m

The width of the external walls

30 cm

The width of the internal walls between the rooms

12,3 cm

The width of the internal walls between the kitchen and the bathroom

12,1 cm

The width of the internal walls between the living room and the bathroom

12,3 cm

Approximate house weight

12 tons

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