Why is Timber Moon System so competitive?

There are three reasons why it’s worth living in or using an eco-friendly house from Timber Moon.



Building a traditional house involves long months or even years of demanding construction. Missing the deadlines, e.g. because of changing, unreliable crews of contractors cause unexpected costs. Construction time is often very stressful for the investor.

One huge advantage of Timber Moon System is very short time of construction. You can enjoy your finished house or utility building within even a couple of days from the beginning of installation.



Thanks to an innovative construction system, you can manage your building freely. Your real estate becomes movable and it can follow you and your need to move to a difference place or modify your living space. If after a couple of years you decide, that you want to move from the mountains to the seaside, we will dismantle and move your home to a new location. We can also make it bigger at that time.

Do you want to start a quick business? Even if you don’t have land, you can rent some, where you can put the building without having to fear that your lease will be terminated and you will lose the real estate you built. In case of an emergency, you will take your building with you. Think about the possibilities available with this solution.



The buildings you can order from us are almost entirely made of either wood or wood-like materials. They are insulted with organic wood wool. We don’t use materials containing harmful chemical substances. Thanks to that, you save the natural environment and live and work in a healthy space. Being surrounded by wood gives a feeling of comfort and it is beneficial to the physiological processes in your body.


What can we build for you in the Timber Moon System?

domy jednorodzinne

We build detached houses, single-story and two-story houses. Our offer includes different color combinations of the elevation and roof. From small houses under a preconstruction notification to two-story semidetached houses, they are all comfortable and cost-efficient.


We design and carry out developers’ housing estate investments. We provide legal and architectural support needed while building a residential complex. Using our system, you can instantly build even a large housing estate.

Garaz 2

Carports, pergolas, terraces or gazebos and many other elements of architecture of any size. It will all complement the buildings ordered by you.