Timber Moon

Why did the Timber Moon project start?

The popular now life style doesn’t work anymore. The media by promoting a certain “fashion for success” have been urging the society to exist in a overly exposed way, burdened with never-ending loans for years. As a result, human consumption achieved monstrous dimensions. It’s a burden not only for the planet and the ecosystem, but also for the consumers themselves. Waves of social crises, fear and depression don’t come from nowhere.

It’s time for wise and radical changes

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient life does not mean less freedom and pleasure. Quite the opposite! Thanks to living and working in eco-friendly and very cost-efficient buildings, you gain health and time. You also save financial resources, which you can spend on travelling, helping others or investing in assets ensuring your financial freedom. It’s a benefit for you, the planet and your offspring, who will live on Earth in the future.


How do we operate?

As a result of advanced design works and using the knowledge from architecture, psychology, economy and ecology, we created an innovative system of eco-friendly construction. Thanks to it, a quick configuration of residential and commercial buildings adjusted to individual needs became possible.

We create construction structures, that can live together with you, growing or shrinking according to your needs. A house or a utility building may follow you when you want to move, for example from the mountains to the seaside. Dismantling it and constructing it back again is a matter of days.

Buildings created by our company in the Timber Moon System technology are amazingly energy-efficient and their maintenance costs are microscopic. Thanks to specially planned interiors and materials used, they have healthy properties and help with restoring mental and physical balance. Scientific research shows, that living inside wooden houses prolongs the life!


What do we offer?

Our offer includes a vast variety of residential houses, also ones that could be built without a construction permit.

By using Timber Moon System it’s easy to design and order even a whole vacation center with summer houses, a customer service office, a sauna, a technical building and carports.

We also offer buildings perfectly suitable for running business activity. Class and workshop rooms, stores, refreshments, service points and many more.

Everything can be easily transformed, enlarged, combined and moved from place to place as needed.

With us, you will build your own residential-utility eco-system!